Winter is the perfect time to trim your trees!

Winter in Florida is a great time to be outside admiring the trees in our landscapes. It’s the perfect time to take stock of which trees are looking good and which seem to need a little help.

One basic housekeeping chore that might help a struggling tree would be pruning and Winter is the perfect time to perform this. Pruning is an oft-needed maintenance treatment for good tree health and safety but pruning without a good reason is not good tree care practice. Pruning just because your neighbor is doing it may not be beneficial for the tree and could result in too much live tree tissue being removed.

The pruning process can be overwhelming to those not familiar with the pruning of shade and ornamental trees. A qualified tree care expert trained in plant health care can help answer your questions as well as help you with your tree pruning goals. Make sure to ask for tree pruning to be done according to ANSI A300 standards the generally accepted industry standard for tree care. A professional arborist can access your landscape and work with you to determine the best trees and shrubs to plant for existing landscape.

Proper trimming performed by an ISA certified arborist will save you money and give you a safer, more beautiful, healthier, and easier-to-maintain tree.

From young trees to very large ones, from trees that have been neglected to those which only need yearly maintenance – and virtually every situation in between you can count on Ken’s Tree Service to provide the highest level of quality and service available.

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