Additional Tree Services

Tree Pruning & Other Tree Services From Certified Arborists in Tarpon Springs, FL

Additional Tree Services: Pruning & Upkeep Tarpon Springs, FL - other-servicesWe offer a variety of tree-related services to keep your property’s appearance looking nice.

Whether you need just a small tree pruning or a hazardous tree assessment, the team at Ken’s Tree Service can get the job done. We do more than just remove trees and trim branches; we offer a a complete range of tree care services that specialize in tree care. Our team understands the importance of your property’s appearance and safety. No matter the situation, we have the knowledge, equipment and capability to get the job done.

Deep Root Fertilization

Many individuals aren't aware that a critical aspect of tree care is deep root fertilization. Trees require certain nutrients to grow and thrive. We offer deep root fertilization services that can encourage root growth, provide proper nutrients, aerate the soil and more. Most importantly, fertilizing your tree can make it more resistant to diseases and insect infestation.

Structural Pruning

Trees that are young to middle-aged and are shade or ornamental can benefit from a particular type of pruning called structural pruning. The goal of structural pruning is to give the tree a strong and healthy structure so that they are sturdier and less prone to failure.

Storm Cleanup

The aftermath of a storm can wreak havoc on your property. From fallen branches to split trunks, you’ll need a professional that can clean up the destruction fast. Our team has emergency response storm cleanup services, so you don’t have deal with the safety issues caused by trees after a storm. If a tree has fallen on or near your home, we clean it up with minimal damage to your property. Whether you have a split tree or a bunch of fallen branches in your yard, let our team do the cleanup work.

Hazardous Tree Assessment

Additional Tree Services: Pruning & Upkeep Tarpon Springs, FL - IMG_20190130_131637If you’ve noticed a tree on your property that’s causing you concern, our team can come out to you and assess the situation. With our expertise, we can make sure that your tree is growing stable and strong. If we notice that the tree is unstable, we will provide you with solutions on how to fix to ensure the safety of your property.

Land Clearing

Land clearing is optimal for those wanting to remove large amounts of trees, brush, and stumps to make way for new construction or land improvement project. No matter the size of the project or how much land needs to be cleared; our team has tools and equipment required to get the job done on time.

If you’d like any more information on our tree services, give the team at Ken’s Tree Service a call at (727) 934-5804. We can answer any questions you may have.
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I love my trees and only wanted a tree service that would come up with a plan to save them with careful, selective limb removal. The finished job is perfect in my opinion.
Marilyn W.
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