When to Cut Down a Tree: Four Signs It’s Time

If you’re like many property owners, you certainly hate the idea of cutting down trees. Trees are beautiful, adding life and appeal to our landscapes. Unfortunately, there are times when removing them is inevitable for your safety. 

Tree removal experts in Tarpon Springs, FL, can help you deal with some issues without necessarily getting rid of a tree, but they’ll also advise on when to cut down a tree. In this post, we look at four common signs that it’s time for tree removal. 

The Tree Is Dangerously Close

You’ll be courting trouble if you let a tree grow too close to your house, power lines, or other structures around your property. 

When you see a tree uncomfortably close to your home, chances are the roots have invaded the foundation. The sooner you remove the tree, the better for your house. 

You may ignore a tree that’s not right up against your building, but you should realize that the branches leaning against the siding are a recipe for mold growth. If you decide to save such a tree, ensure you trim it regularly to prevent any mishaps. 

The Tree Exhibits Signs of Decay or Damage

If you have a decaying or damaged tree on your property, you should consider removing it because its structural integrity is questionable. Leaving the hazardous tree standing is a serious safety risk.

Not sure if your tree is damaged or decaying? Look out for these tell-tale signs:

  • Unusual bark peeling
  • Vertical cracks in the trunk
  • Open cavities or visible wounds
  • Dead branch stubs
  • Scathing damage to the trunk
  • Broken wood from a lightning strike

You might want to call a reputable tree company to inspect your tree after a severe storm to see if there’s any damage that would necessitate removal. 

The Trunk Has Cavities

Another common sign of when to cut down a tree is hollowness or cavities in the trunk. If you notice these signs, you’re most likely dealing with deteriorating structural integrity. 

Such a tree can’t support itself for long. Eventually, it will cause injuries and property damage if not removed as soon as possible. 

The Tree Is Dying or Dead

You have no choice but to remove any dread tree from your property. After all, no arborist can bring it back to life. 

A dead or dying tree usually has dead branches, a dangerously leaning trunk, or no leaves during the growing season. Also, don’t hesitate to have the tree inspected if it exhibits signs of disease or insect infestation. 

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

Now that you know when to cut down a tree, be sure to hire a reputable tree care company when that time comes. Ken’s Tree Service has been the go-to tree removal company in Tarpon Springs since 1997. 

We offer a wide range of five-star tree care services, including pruning and fertilization. Contact Ken’s Tree Service at (727) 934-5804 for professional help identifying diseased trees on your property. 

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