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If you’re looking for professional storm cleanup services in Tarpon Spring, FL, look no further! Our experienced arborists have the expertise and equipment needed to keep your property safe after a storm. With our friendly team on the job, you can rest assured that your landscape will be restored to its former glory in no time. Call us at (727) 934-5804 for a free estimate.

Florida is known for its warmth and sunshine, but it is also prone to severe storms, floods, high winds, and even tornadoes. Storm-inflicted disasters can cause excessive property damage. With high winds and heavy rains, storm season can be hazardous for trees, leaving branches scattered around yards or fallen onto buildings. 

Not only is this a safety concern, but it can also be an eyesore. We understand the importance of clearing your property quickly and correctly. Our storm cleanup services include removing any fallen branches, trimming back damaged or broken limbs, and clearing away debris. 

Commercial Tree Maintenance

Dealing with Storm Damage and How We Can Help Cleanup

Facing the aftermaths of a natural disaster can be overwhelming. Your front yard, backyard, or commercial property might be filled with scattered branches, leaves, uprooted trees, or even unwanted items like plywood sheets, tarps, and loose shingles.

That’s why our storm cleanup services are here to help you restore your property quickly and safely. We can assess the damage, create a plan of action for clean-up services, and get the job done efficiently.

When you enlist Ken’s Tree Service for storm clean up, here are the services we provide:

  • Assessing and Removing Fallen Branches 
  • Clearing Away Debris 
  • Taking Safety Precautions During Storm Cleanup 
  • Protecting Your Property from Future Damage 
  • Expert Advice from Experienced Arborists 
  • Free Estimates for Storm Cleanup Services in Tarpon Springs, FL, and surrounding areas.

With years of experience in the industry and a team of friendly professionals on your side, we’ll make sure that you can recover quickly after a storm hits. From debris removal to general cleanup, there is no job too big or small for our team. 


Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Storm Damage Cleanup

When a storm hits your property, it’s important to act fast and hire professionals for cleanup.
Common storm damage includes fallen limbs, uprooted trees, or even whole trees that have toppled over.
From obstructing roads to damaging buildings, these can pose serious risks to your property.

Minimize Risks

Our storm cleanup services are aimed at minimizing the risk of further damage while also restoring the natural beauty of your landscape. With our experienced arborists, we can provide the most efficient and cost-effective clean-up solutions.


Experienced Professionals

From debris removal to tree trimming, we take care of all the hard work so you don’t have to worry. Plus, our arborists are trained in proper safety regulations, ensuring that your property remains safe and secure.



For our commercial clients, we specialize in storm damage management and stress-free service. We can inspect and assess the affected area, provide detailed reports to your insurance company, and provide clean-up services as needed.

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24/7 Availability

Emergency Response Storm Cleanup in Tarpon Springs, FL

Fallen trees can cause a lot of damage to your property and should be dealt with as soon as possible. Our team offers 24/7 emergency response services to help you get your property back on track. We understand that time is of the essence in these cases, so we will work quickly and efficiently to restore your property.

Why Choose Professional Storm Cleanup Services in Tarpon Spring, FL

Storm cleanup is a job for the professionals. Owing to the complexity, safety risks, and potential for damage, it’s not something that should be attempted by an untrained individual. From debris removal to tree trimming and assessment, professionals have the training and experience needed to get the job done right.

Heavy winds, lightning, and excessive rain can wreak havoc on your property. Our team of experienced arborists is trained to safely remove fallen trees, branches, and debris without risking further damage. We will make sure any hanging or broken limbs are cleared away from power lines and other structures.
With our storm cleanup services, you can rest assured that your property will be safe and secure after a storm. To prevent future damage, we also offer preventive treatments such as cabling or staking weak limbs.

Experience You Can Trust:
Ken’s Professional Storm Cleanup Services

At Ken’s Tree Service, we stand by our commitment to providing top-quality storm cleanup services. Our experienced arborists are here to make sure that your property is taken care of quickly and correctly after a storm.

With over 20 years of experience, we understand the complexity and potential risks associated with storm damage cleanup. That’s why our team is trained and equipped with the latest tools and safety gear to ensure that your property is restored on time.

If you’re looking for professional storm cleanup services in Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, New Port Richey, or the surrounding areas, contact us at (727) 934-5804.

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