What Are the First Trees to Bloom in Spring?

Property owners tired of their dead winter yard look forward to the green leaves and flower buds that remain one of the most recognizable signs of spring. Watching the springtime roll in, many homeowners ask, “What are the first trees to bloom in spring?” Many popular flowering trees have their heyday during the spring months, so learn more about them from Tarpon Springs’ expert tree service.

The Most Popular Trees that Bloom In Springtime

Looking at the gorgeous trees in front yards and on street corners makes many homeowners wonder what types of trees they should consider installing in their own landscapes. Some of the most popular springtime trees include:

Plum Trees

Besides bearing a delicious fruit, plum trees show out in gorgeous white or pink flowers as early as January to as late as April, making them one of the earliest potential blooming trees available. Living up to its name, plum trees provide a background for those flowers with beautiful purplish foliage.

Star Magnolia

Star magnolia trees bloom with beautiful, aromatic flowers between late February and April, making them an early bloomer. The warmer the climate, the more quickly this tree blooms. Once the summer sun hits these flowers, the tree sheds them and maximizes its ability to soak up the sunlight.

Pink Dogwood

A popular sight in the south, pink dogwoods flower in April and May, just in time to add a colorful backdrop for Easter egg hunts and enjoying the spring weather. Its beautiful pink flowers sit against tapered, egg-shaped leaves that stick around through the summer, then turn purple or red before falling during autumn.

Eastern Redbud

With its gorgeous pink or purple blooms, Eastern redbuds typically occupy the mind when a homeowner wonders, “What are the first trees to bloom in spring”. Their bright flowers and rounded silhouette pop among the many other trees blossoming in the spring.

Saucer Magnolia

Another early bloomer, saucer magnolia flowers begin to blossom starting in late February. The large pink flowers have purple streaks that create a gorgeous contrast on each petal, making the saucer magnolia a great choice for homeowners wanting a colorful landscape.

Museum Palo Verde

Showing up in March with small, bright green leaves and tiny but vibrant yellow buds. The shape of the tree sends a spray-like shape of its branches into the air, making the gorgeous museum palo verde a wonderful addition as a filtered shade tree.

Maintain the Healthiest Springtime Trees With Tarpon Springs’ Tree Specialists

Homeowners wondering, “What are the first trees to bloom in spring,” often want to find the right trees to make their landscapes bright and colorful as springtime rolls in. From beautiful buds to bright, colorful foliage, our experts at Ken’s Tree Service can guide you in choosing the right species and what nutrients for trees you need to keep them alive. Find out more about growing springtime trees in your yard by calling Ken’s Tree Service in Tarpon Springs, FL, at (727) 934-5804.

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