Can a Partially Uprooted Tree Be Saved?

Can a partially uprooted tree be saved? When your beloved specimen finds itself in this precarious situation after strong winds or unexpected earth movement, it can certainly seem disconcerting. However, as a reliable tree service in Tarpon Springs, FL, Ken’s Tree Service encountered many such arboreal dilemmas that have ended better than you might think.

Keep reading so that you can make the best decision if you find your tree this way. The team delves into what you need to consider when determining whether to save a partially uprooted tree. Think of it as a tree triage, if you will.

Two Factors To Consider for Tree Health

When it comes to potentially saving a tree, there are two primary elements to evaluate:

Size Matters

Older, established specimens often sustain extensive damage during the ordeal due to their size and weight. The logistics of restoring them to their original position is also challenging, and can be hazardous. Imagine hoisting a towering oak back into the ground–any chance of success requires expert-level skills, heavy equipment, and a well-thought-out plan.

On the flip side, a sapling or younger tree is more likely to bounce back because its root system is still shallow and flexible.

Existing Issues

Has your tree sported a glorious canopy, vivid leaves, and a sturdy trunk? Its chances of survival are significantly higher. However, when disease or pests have been gnawing away at its health, the stress of the uprooting could be the final straw. 

Common indicators of trouble include:

  • Stunted growth
  • Branch and foliage dieback
  • Wilted or off-colored leaves
  • Musty odors
  • Cankers or fungal growths
  • Bark damage

It’s akin to how a healthy human would be more likely to recover quickly from an injury compared to someone with pre-existing health issues.

Is There Visible Damage on the Tree?

Does your tree have deep wounds? Bark that has ripped off or cracked in large sections exposes the inner tissues to disease and pests, which could spell serious trouble for your tree.

Root damage could prove just as detrimental. When more than half of the root system looks exposed or marred, it severely compromises the tree’s ability to absorb water and nutrients.

Tips for Replanting Your Uprooted Tree

Can a partially uprooted tree be saved? Replanting it isn’t just a matter of sticking the roots back into the ground and hoping for the best.

Here’s how arborists like Ken’s Tree Service tackle the task”

  • Cover the exposed roots to keep them from drying out.
  • Dig out the soil beneath the root mass.
  • Cut off damaged or protruding surface roots.
  • Slowly shift the tree to a vertical position.
  • Pack the soil around the roots.
  • Water deeply. 
  • Prune broken branches.

And then wait until you see new growth before adding fertilizer.

Seek Help From a Local Tree Service

Can a partially uprooted tree be saved? If you want to give your specimen the best shot at survival, Ken’s Tree Service can help with everything from deep-root fertilization to emergency tree removal.

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