Understanding the Dangers of an Overgrown Tree

Trees offer shade, improve your yard’s aesthetic appeal, and create a peaceful and serene outdoor environment. However, like most things in life, too much of anything comes with detrimental effects. When trees overgrow, they become counterproductive.  

In this post, our team at Ken’s Tree Service, your top-rated tree removal experts in Tarpon Springs, FL, explores the dangers of an overgrown tree that no property owner or manager should overlook.  

overgrown tree

Potential Property Damage  

An overgrown tree can damage your property in several ways. For example, tree branches can dent your car, damage power lines, break your windows or deface your siding.   

In inclement weather, an overgrown tree may swing around or lean, potentially causing severe structural damage to your roof or other structures on your property. A large enough tree may also extend its overhanging branches to your neighbor’s property and put it at risk.  

Accidental Collisions  

If your overgrown tree has low-hanging branches, they can become deadly obstacles. These branches can take anyone by surprise, especially children or pets. The same applies to overhanging branches that extend into your neighbor’s property.  

Regular trimming and pruning help to regulate tree growth and avoid potential accidents resulting from overhanging branches.  

Risk of Trees Falling  

During high winds and inclement weather, an overgrown tree may fall entirely and cause major property damage. This typically happens because of the tree’s dense canopy.   

Unlike trees with trimmed canopies and spaced-out branches, overgrown trees tend to take the full force of strong winds that blow against rather than through them.  

The Risk of Dead Branches Falling  

An overgrown tree may often prove challenging to monitor because of its dense canopy. As a result, you may have a tough time spotting deadwood or broken branches. 

Whenever strong winds blow over an overgrown tree with hidden branch breakage, the branches may fly from the tree without warning and risk causing property damage or injuries.  

Hiding Place for Pests and Unwanted Guests  

Many insects and pests, from snakes and rats to spiders and possums, like to hide out in the hidden branches of overgrown trees. If these branches extend toward your home, you can expect to have a pest infestation and disease spread.  

An overgrown tree may also create an ideal spot for burglars to hide as they try to access your property. 

Bottom Line  

Maintaining well-trimmed and pruned trees helps you avoid common tree hazards. Reach out to a certified arborist to inspect your tree at least once annually and ensure proper tree growth.  

Trust Your Local Tree Experts  

At Ken’s Tree Service, we bring unmatched professionalism and experience to the tree care industry. You can count on us for fast, reliable, and professional tree services, including:  

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