Why Are My Lemon Tree Leaves Turning Yellow?

The leaves of lemon trees stay green all year unless there is a problem. It doesn’t mean the tree is dying or that you aren’t as skilled a gardener as you thought. If you look outside and ask yourself, “why are my lemon tree leaves turning yellow,” the answer could be a few different things.

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There are a number of reasons why the leaves of your lemon tree could turn yellow. Sometimes, it’s simple nutrient deficiencies and you just need to fertilize the soil. When you know what your lemon tree is trying to tell you when its leaves turn yellow, you can remedy the problem before it’s too late.

why are my lemon tree leaves turning yellow

Too Much Water

Lemon trees prefer for the soil to dry out between waterings. A lemon tree responds to excess water with curling leaves that start to fall off. If you suspect you overwatered your lemon tree, just give it time to recover before you water it again.

Too Little Water

If your lemon tree is in a pot, it’s likely it doesn’t get enough water. Trees planted in the ground have access to moisture within the soil, but that’s not the case for potted trees. Keep track of how often you water your lemon tree to make sure it isn’t thirsty. 


Before you stress yourself out asking, “why are my lemon tree leaves turning yellow,” keep in mind that lemon trees can experience stress, too. If you recently moved the tree and it’s getting less light or water than it’s used to, you may have stressed out your lemon tree. If life gives you a stressed tree, it’s going to be difficult to make lemonade. 

If you know the cause of your lemon tree’s stress, the best thing to do is remove it from the situation and wait for it to return to normal. It might take some time, but a lemon tree can recover from stress.

Fungal Growth

If your lemon tree only has older leaves and shows now new growth, test your soil to see if it needs fertilizer. If you already fertilized the soil but still see no progress, your tree probably has root rot. 

Root rot occurs when a fungus grows on the tree and causes an infection. If left untreated, it can spread to nearby trees. Sometimes, the best way to treat yellow leaves caused by a fungal infection is to remove the diseased tree in order to protect the rest.

Reliable, Emergency Tree Service

Ken’s Tree Service in Tarpon Springs, FL, can advise you on when to cut down a tree and determine the answer when you ask, “why are my lemon tree leaves turning yellow?” You want your tree to have yellow lemons, not yellow leaves. Contact us by calling 727-934-5804 and schedule an appointment to find out if your property has lemon tree disease.

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