Can a Tree Survive a Split Trunk?  

Trees have an outstanding ability to recover from pests, diseases, wounds, broken branches, and harsh weather conditions, among other challenges. But can a tree survive a split trunk? The short answer is: it depends.

Let’s dig deeper into this issue, as highlighted by Tarpon Springs’ professional tree removal experts.

can a tree survive a split trunk

How To Repair a Split Tree Trunk  

Tree trunks split for various reasons, from pests and diseases to snowstorms and lightning strikes. But when a tree trunk splits, you don’t necessarily have to remove the tree. The tree’s survival typically depends on the extent of the crack and the tree’s general health.   

However, fixing a split trunk as soon as possible could raise the tree’s chances of survival. The most effective strategy for repairing a split trunk is to prevent further splitting. An arborist will work to find a way to bind the broken parts together—bolting (bracing) or cabling work well.

When bolting, you dig holes through the trunk at the location of the split and run threaded steel rods through them. Once you insert the rods, place large washers and nuts at each end and tighten until you close the gap where the trunk split.  

While bolting alone works for splits on the lower part of the trunk, splits near the top of the trunk often require both bracing and cabling. If successful, the tree will compartmentalize and seal the crack right over the cables and braces.

How To Avoid Future Trunk Splitting  

Young trees tend to recover quickly from damage if caught early enough. Provided the tree has an intact branching structure, professionals will generally prune any affected branches back to the trunk.

A large or mature tree can also lose a major limb and recover. Similarly, damaged or borken branches should be pruned back to the trunk. One concern when a large tree loses a major limb is overbalancing, which can also initiate a split in the trunk, so bracing and cabling can help support its structure.  

Bottom Line  

Ultimately, any damaged tree with most of its critical parts still intact has hope for survival, granted you have proper repair strategies. If you’re not sure how to handle a split trunk, seek professional help. A professional arborist will know the best way to handle the tree. 

A dependable expert will have the necessary tools to help the tree and guarantee professional results. However, in rare cases, the tree’s trunk will be damaged beyond repair. Then, these experts might make a case for tree removal.

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